​​​​The organic wild-crafted herbs used in these

                                                                                     formulas rid the colon and small intestines of :

                                                                                     old debris, parasites, their debris and                                                                                                            their nests. This also includes eliminating                                                                                                      candida and fungus.  The pictures on                                                                                                            below are  compliments of my clients. 


Sighted in the toilet   by many who have taken Coryn's formulas

 have been 13" ascaris worms and their nests and young

which live  in your lung (usually left lung), small intestine,

stomach and large intestine. Many items that look like slugs,

tape worms have been sighted in the 

toilet as well after taking Coryn's formulas.

The formulas are designed to help improve digestion,

 absorption, assimilation and elimination.

 You can use any of these products as often as you like.

They also work well taken as prevention with meals or right afterwards while traveling.  

When your body is rid of its built up debris you will notice more energy better

sleep and less bloat.  Weight loss is also possible with the  elimination of old debris.

Check out the pictures below that have been donated by some of Coryn's clients that have taken her formulas.  

We have Herbal formulas for better Digestive Health

Upper picture is right side up. The lower picture is what this one looks like floating in the toilet.  Its about 1/2 long

Below are Items coughed up after taking Formula A

You might think these are mushroom pieces; but they come out of many people even those who don't eat mushrooms.  They seem to start out small and expand with a tail or are they turning into a worm?  They look like black beans in your stool.  Loosen up the stole and find all kinds of goodies. These are 1/2 - 1"

Her are some emotions that are related to different parts of the abdomen.  When trouble resides there you can help yourself by working on the reated emotion.

​​​​​​After a client took Formula A this appeared      in his toilet. He  brought  them in to Coryn.

This guy above is about 1/2 -1 " long notice that it appears to have hands, head, antena and even a hook on its tail. This orange blob below is what the guy above came out of after it sat in 150 proof alcohol for 2 months.  There were 4 of them, they all hatched. 

What causes pour digestive health?  Many things.  To start with anything that kills good intestinal flora.  Your intestinal flora is key to better health.   To improve your intestinal flora drink Kombucha it's amazing!  If you feel bloated, tired, foggy headed and hungry a lot you may have parasites to blame. 

This was tested to be Ascaris.  Both worm balls are from the same person.  

We believe in healing from the inside out !

Both of these are thought to be tape worms.  The one abovet thought to be part of a tape worm and the larger piece is about 3" long.   The picture on the right is also thought to be a tape worm from another person.  What is seen is about 18".  There is a wad in the toilet bottom like a small ball of yarn.

This is a rubber like substance that a person coughed up after taking Formula A

These items are from three different people who did not know each other but all three had been to China.  The items int the pictures look like a snail shrimp combination.  The one on the left is actually larger than the entire clump on the right.  Could the one on the right be a nest? Look at the top of the picture on the right and its similarities to the picture on the left.  

Coryn's Herbaria

After taking formula A some people feel like they have stuff to cough up.  This is an example of something coughed up after Taking formula A.